Hey there! Ever dreamed of going on an epic adventure with us, the Totally Ninja Raccoons? We're the stars of an awesome children's series written by the super talented Kevin Coolidge from Wellsboro, PA. We're three clever raccoons who've embraced the way of the ninja, all thanks to our cool mask-like markings. Can you believe it? Our series, starting with "The Totally Ninja Raccoons Meet Bigfoot," has sold over 40,000 copies and captured the hearts of readers everywhere!

But wait, there's more! Get ready for a mind-blowing event called "Where Are the Totally Ninja Raccoons"! It's a whole month of non-stop fun, inviting both locals and visitors to join us on an exhilarating scavenger hunt through loads of cool businesses. From My Shelf Books & Gifts teamed up with thirty awesome spots in Wellsboro, PA for this epic adventure. By joining in, you'll not only support local businesses but also get a chance to discover all the amazing things they have to offer.

So, on behalf of From My Shelf Books & Gifts, we want to give you a super warm invitation to dive headfirst into this thrilling quest. If you happen to be in Wellsboro, PA in July, you can't miss the chance to experience the sheer joy and excitement of the scavenger hunt firsthand. Oh, and did we mention that this event has become a huge hit? It's expanded to two more bookstores—one in New Mexico and the other in Minnesota. People everywhere are going crazy for "Where Are the Totally Ninja Raccoons," and it's a totally rad addition to any town's lineup of must-attend events!

If you're itching to bring the "Where Are the Totally Ninja Raccoons Scavenger Hunt" to your own community, we've got your back! We'd be more than happy to assist you every step of the way. Just take a moment to check out the info on this page and click the links for more deets on how to host this epic event.

Join us on this thrilling adventure and let your imagination run wild with the Totally Ninja Raccoons! We're stoked to have your attention, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

-- Kevin, The Totally Ninja Raccoon!!

(yes, my brothers Bandit and Rascal did help write this....)

Want to know more about The Totally Ninja Raccoons and their best friend Kevin, the Human?

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All About Kevin and His Books!!

Why is the 'Where Are the Totally Ninja Raccoons Scavenger Hunt' good for my business/town?

**It’s great to get other local businesses involved and associating with each other. It can be a huge deal for your town to participate as it helps not just you, but other businesses in town.

**Seeing dozens and dozens of little kids, eyes wide, frantically looking for the Raccoons is hilarious and adorable. Kids are SO PROUD to hand in their passports and tell you all about the hard ones and the whole adventure of it. Sure, it's great to be highlighting new and old businesses, but the kids are the BEST part. Parents get into it, too. It’s like a month long conversation about the joy and frustration of finding those Ninja Raccoons. Kids remember it and ask about it year round.

**It will be genuinely helpful to the businesses in your town. In Wellsboro, foot traffic in July is way better than it was before we started this event. And the community loves it. We get families checking in January that it will be happening in July. It's good, technology-free fun.

**It gives people a reason to visit businesses they normally haven't been in before (or may never have thought to go to).

Networking with other stores, community goodwill, and happy people all make this a great event for your town!

How do I set up a 'Where Are The Totally Ninja Raccoons Scavenger Hunt' in my town?

You can start small, even 8 to 10 businesses with people you know. Reach out and ask if they want a fun, inexpensive way to increase foot traffic to their store.

Decide how elaborate you want the event to be. Do you want to have copies of the books on display? Do you want to reach out to online news sources, local papers, schools, libraries, etc to get the word out?

Determine what the end event is for participants? Are you going to have a party? Raffle off prizes?

Print out or create passports and raccoons!!!

Promote, Promote, PROMOTE!!!!! Contact local papers, publish on facebook/youtube/tiktok, encourage participating businesses to publish/advertise, contact local radio, etc!!!!

Here's how we at From My Shelf do it!!

First: We talked to other business owners in the area, asking them if they would be interested in participating in a town-wide scavenger hunt.

Second: We determined the rules for the event. 'Buy in' for participating businesses; how the participants would keep track of the Ninja Raccoons they found; what we would do at the end of the event; how prizes would be awarded (we decided to have a raffle at the end of the month, with each participant getting one entry for every business they found the Raccoons at).

Third: We determined what the 'buy in' would be for other businesses. We decided that each business participating would have to donate a prize worth up to $10 that we would raffle off at the end of the month.

Fourth: We created the passports (which included the name and address of each participating business as well as hours of operation for each) and informed the businesses that they could either pick up a pile of passports at our store or that we would bring some to them. We informed each participating business that they could mark 'their spot' on the passport with a stamp or signature, whichever worked best for them.

[See images for sample passport]

We also created Totally Ninja Raccoon images that could be hidden within participating businesses.

[See image for sample raccoons]

Fifth: We made sure that all participating businesses delivered their donations to us by the end of the prior month (June in our case).

Sixth: We advertised the event on our facebook page, our blog and our local papers constantly during the month before the event began.

Seventh: We held a raffle (with a party for the first year) in which winners were drawn for each prize and then contacted the winners!

Click on the links below for sites and assets to assist you!

**Order some of the Totally Ninja Raccoon books for prizes or display items!

**From My Shelf Books & Gifts Website

**Kevin's Website

**Kevin's YouTube Channel (this includes videos of Kevin outside of participating businesses or click on this link to see all of those videos: Where Are The Totally Ninja Raccoons YouTube Playlist)

** All About Kevin and His Books!

**From My Shelf's 2023 'Where Are the Totally Ninja Raccoons' Page

**Sample Raccoons (print copies of this out to hide!) [below]

**Sample Passport [below]

Raccoons to print and hide in businesses!

Outside of passport!

Inside of passport!

We put the business names, addresses and hours of operation in ech square!

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Who are the Totally Ninja Raccoons???Let's ask one of them!

"Hey there, it's me Kevin, the Most Totally Ninja Raccoon! Me and my bros Rascal and Bandit are the Totally Ninja Raccoons. We figured since we already have masks, we might as well become ninjas! Usually, we're busy stopping the Cat Board and exploring for Cryptids in Wellsboro. (Our buddy Kevin the Not Totally Ninja Raccoon writes books about us!) But this July, we're gonna use our ninja skills to hide in local businesses and see if you can find us. Can you out-ninja us? Let's see!"

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Have Some Fun With The Raccoons!!